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You attend lecture. You read the textbook.
But you still get stuck attempting to work problems.
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Ever walk out of your chemistry class feeling like you have a great understanding of the material only to get stuck on the first practice problem you attempt? The key to performing well on chemistry exams is directly related to your ability to work problems in an accurate, efficient manner and The Chemistry Solution is here to help!  The Chemistry Solution is designed to accompany any college, high school, AP or nursing chemistry class by providing unlimited access to over 100 problem solving tutorials encompassing all topics covered in general chemistry classes.  Watch tutorials and follow hundreds of example problems worked step by step or pause the tutorial to try problems on your own before watching the detailed, “how to” solutions.  In addition, The Chemistry Solution provides access to practice problem worksheets that can be printed and worked on your own with accompanying tutorials that provide not only the correct answers to the problems but also comprehensive, in-depth solutions.  Check out our ever expanding Tutorlal Library!

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